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Stellar's exclusive StarBase web application platform is ready for your idea.

Lower Development Cost

Faster Build Time

Your Ideas

w  If you have an idea, we can make it happen!

Dashboard Data Framework

w Reduction of learning curve through Easy-to-use data interface
w List, View, Sort, Search, Filter, Export, and Edit data records
w Contacts Dashboard included in all web apps for humanoid data: users, employees, customers, vendors, ect.
w Lookup Tables framework provides options to List, View, Sort, and Edit data records. 

Notifications, Logs, and Configuration Settings

w User Specific settings
w Logs for application management and event tracking
w Notification opportunities through email or text

User Portal

w Secure login
w User Permission Groups 
w System Administration
w Subscriber Management for Subscription-based applications
w Automated User Password Resets

API and User Database

w Application Programmers Interface
w Microsoft SQL Server Database platform

Microsoft Azure Secure Platform

w Cloud Server

Red orbs orbiting a blue orb, labeled StarBase Core elements
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