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Red orbs orbiting a blue orb, labeled StarBase Core elements

StarBase Core Elements Concept: "The Planet & Moons"

Stellar's Adaptable Web App Framework



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StarBase Core Elements


StarBase Core Elements: the "Planet"

Framework Elements 

1. Contacts Dashboard: Customers, Haulers, Employees, etc.

2. Correspondence for Emailing & Texting

3. Core Lookup Tables

4. Notifications and Logging for 

  w Healthy App Management

  w Event Tracking

5. Secure User Account Login and Password Resets

6. Administrative User Portal to manage users and permission groups

7. Customizable User Experience Settings

8. Platform

  w Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

  w .NET

  w Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Once the StarBase Core Elements "Planet" is in place, the Modules "Moons" can be added as needed!

You can add as many modules as you like

Module Ideas for "Moons"

1. Stellar ScaleTech: Scale Tickets & Invoicing

2. Requisition Tracking Tool

3. Citizen Request Work Order System

4. Refuse Collection Routes with Sequencing Tools